Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day 5

After a good nights sleep my first one the island I was ready to go. I grabbed one of Jordans special hydration packs and went to the target range. Mac was already the shooting out spiky 4 leaf clovers. I went over to a target and opened my mouth. 30 bullets left in 0.5 seconds. All of them pierced the bulls eye of the target leaving the sheet in taters.

The look on Jordan and Mac's face was funny and they were obviously impressed. I ripped up a few more sheets and then we moved to the combat arena to practice hand on hand fighting incase we were ever in the situation. This time round I did not have to wear the hydration pack and instead a chucked on a power control belt so i woudl not kill anyone in the process of boxing there ears. Me and Mac were up first. I thought he would be an easy target but little did I know he was going to use his height to his advantage. I tried an uppercut on his little head but he stepped back and then moved in landing roughly 30 punches in my guts before i coudl even move. He hit super quick. i slumped against the ropes as he came into finish me but i looked up at the last moment and ducked his flying puch and this time my uppercut hit and i sent him into the post holding the ropes on the other side of the ring which then snapped! So i went over and helped him up. Thankfully he was not hurt just a little dazed. Being a good sport he shook my hand which was nice!

Next I had to fight Jordan. From the start he used dirty moves and landed on me a couple of low blows which made me go nuts. But he was just firing me up to do something stupid and sure enough i did and he made the most of it knocking me out cold..... The last thing i saw was my own blood trickling onto Malhala's forehead as he tried to stop the blood flow.....

Day 4

I awoke feeling superb. That fall gave me a jolt of energy and me and Malhala went to find meat. We saw a pig on the edge of the clearing and I opened my mouth and shot its back legs out. Malhala went and tore it to shreds. We cooked it by putting it by Malhala's butt and when he farted flames came out so it got cooked. After a good feed we decided to continue to the mountain. This time i choose to ride on Malhala and we raced through the greenery, over rivers and off cliffs.

When we got to the bottom there was a small thing it looked like Ratchet from Ratchet and Clank. It told us we could not go any further I tapped Malhala and he went over licked it to give himself the innocent look then he ripped his head clean off and broke the useless metal down to the shape of a death head. Good boy i said as i patted him. We ventured on up the mountain. I wasnt tired by the time we reached the top which took us about 2 minutes to get to!

Malhala ran off so I followed him. He had found something... something amazing. He had found an underground tunnel. So I ran down it with Malhala following suddenly we dropped from the level of the tunnel down into a pit of brown stuff. Chocolate. I ate and ate until I felt liek i would explode. Then I heard the sound of a plasma weapon. Jordan was here! I smashed through the wall only to find Jordan standing there shooting at a big red bag which closely resembled Shane Camerons punching bag. 'Hello' he said in a sinister manner. I said hello back in my most evil voice. I asked him what he was doing and he replied, ' Getting ready for a war'. He then said are you coming. So I followed him. He took my to a portal that beamed a bright shade of red. He then told me that this was out of bounds until Day 9.

Then out of the blue Mac appeared 'Ello' he said. I laughed he was like 4 feet tall and dressed in green. He looked like a ragamuffin but there was no doubt that he was a leprechaun! So this is the 3rd and strongest god of war he said to Jordan. Yes he replied in his sinister manner. He then told us to get some sleep becuase tomorrow was the start of training and a hard one too...

Day 3

I woke up with a throbbing head. My eyes were all fuzzy and i was covered from head to toe in grazes. My first thought was of my ambition to find water thankfully i had fallen a little further down the slope so all i had to do was to slide down. I greedily gulped the luscious blue water. it tasted so fresh and it made me feel relaxed.

I had one choice and i decided to do it that was to strip and go for a swim. The water was so nice it sent a chill up my spine and i dived under gulping water down as i went. Down down down i went. I saw a glint of silver under the waterfall so i went under the water pounding on my back.

There was a rock made out of silver and emerald. It had weird inscriptions in it like those i had seen when i went to Machu Pichu last year for a school tour. I traced the markings with my hand. Suddenly the rock opened and i was sucked under. I was in a room full or fluro drawings one looked vaguely like the volcom logo. Suddenly T-Pain appeared and told me to take a green rock from his hand. As i approached him he changed form into the White Witch from Narnia and ramed the stone in my mouth. Then she just turned into dust....

My body felt weird and i looked in the puddle in the middle of the room. I vomited but not spew a green liquid. My skin had turned inside out. I was now a monster. I dived up through the hole but it was to small and i got stuck. So i smacked it the whole room collapsed and i raced out through the gap that had devoloped. I started to swim and in a second i hit the bank with my head which caused my horns to bend over like a rams. Wait i have horns cool...

I went to grab my clothes but they were not there but in there place there was a Komodo Dragon on a chain and a note.
The Note said: Dear Vulgrax (Thats your new name) you are now the god of war on this island. You have many powers like mind reading and super strength. You can also fly and shoot bullets from your tongue. This Komodo Dragon is your pet his name is Malhala. He is super fast and can kill anything apart from you and Mac the leprechaun. Your mission is to rage a war with the aliens and defeat them or the whole race of humans will be destroyed. Go to the portal under the mountain on Day 9 to go to Narnia so you can fight the White Witch and her alien accomplices. From a Friend...

I started to breath heavily. I screamed why me god and then i flew. I was sky high in a half a second. I decided to go to the big mountain to find someone to help me. Now learning to fly is not that hard you just thrust your arms out like superman and then pull them back really fast every minute and you stay up. Not that i knew that and i fell to the ground next to the edge of the lake.

Where I fell asleep......

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day Two

I awoke with a chill down my spine trying to forget the horror of yesterdays events. Wait was it yesterday or last week. My mind was fuzzy with a million thoughts but one that was always there was FOOD!

There was that rustling again but this time it was at the edge of the treeline. It was a Moa. I thought the were extinct. but sure enough there it was. All of a sudden it bellowed and pooped everywhere. Jordan and Ben awoke and Asser took one look and dropped back to sleep. I knew straight away what was on Ben and Jordan's minds. It was that of Meat. I quickly grabbed my hunting knife from my pack. We decided to sneak up on it from the rear. We got within 3 metres of it and it span around and rushed at me. I noticed i had stood on a branch which had jumped up and hit it in the nuts. I threw my knife and dived for cover as it came towards me. The knife became lodged in it lower left thigh. Jordan grabbed it out and was trampled on the arm.

I quickly grabbed the knife and threw it again it span side on. This time my throw was more successful hitting it in the neck and taking its head straight off. We screamed in triumph as we picked it up between the 3 of us and carried it back to Asser who had awoke because of the noise.
Soon enough we had a nice blaze going and I began to skin it. The tough skin and the constant yells of the others made it a hard job. But it was worth it as I carried the meat back to the fire.
I was blood soaked so I went to the shoreline for a quick swim. Most of the blood came off my clothes which was pleasing.

Then we started to tuck in. The nice red meat was juicy and the fat dripped of it. Lets just say it was irresistible! It was pleasing to know that there was a source of food on the island and it was possible to get. We then had a hard choice. Who was going to stay back to set up some kind shelter and who would go to find water. I was voted to go and find water...

I trekked of into the light scrub. On the way I heard many a bird call so there was maybe a chance of catching them with my snare. Soon I had to come to a halt because there was a huge log in my way so I started to climb. I was at the top in no time. That trip to Southern Indonesia for free climbing was well worth it!!! I kept on walking and soon enough I heard the faint trickling of water. I started to run and there it was a beautiful waterfall with a welcoming lagoon at the bottom. My urge for water made me sprint as fast as i could not knowing what was ahead of me i put on a burst and tripped and fell.... Down down down down and I hit the ledge with a thud. The world span around me and went black....... I was out cold...

Day One

Finally it had arrived. The day we left for Matainui island. I woke at 6.23am to find myself sweating, must be out of excitement i thought. I went into the lounge to find my mum and brother taking my stuff out to the car. I ate a light breakfast which consisted of jam toast and some grapefruit juice. I grabbed my pack and went down to the car. A quick farewell to my dad and sister saw me on my way. We arrived at the port of raglan at roughly 7.25am only to find the rest of the class already there. I was late...

I grabbed my bags and loaded them into the Grumman Albatross seaplane cargo hold and then i went to say goodbye. This time the farewells were a little bit longer and it was quite sad to be leaving my family behind. I boarded the plane and planted myself next to Mac. Then the engine started. It was quite loud at first but my ears eventually got used to the constant rumbling. Me and Mac and a few others cracked jokes to pass the time of take off. We started moving about 5 minutes after the engine started. We left the sea after a while of moving forward in a straight line. My guts lurched in my stomach. It felt quite out of the normal but surprisingly sex i did not throw up all over everyone. After 30 minutes of traveling everyone was certainly more relaxed and my ipod was still ticking away playing Britney Spears "3".

All of a sudden we hit some turbulence and the plane started to go funny. The safety belts light came on but then flashed of again in quick succession. All of a sudden there was chaos the plane just dropped out of the sky and Sam the pilot came screaming out of the cabin on fire screaming " i never passed my flying exams". He then proceeded to jump out of the parachute hatch into the sea below and no doubt to his death. Then everyone started to jump out. We were still probably about 200 metres from sea level so I left it until the last minute to jump. I leaped out far from the plane with my pack on my back. I hit the water and it felt like concrete. All the wind was squeezed from my lungs and I new that the end was near..

But somehow I resurfaced. I gulped for air as i was pulled along in a current. Wait does the sea have steady flows through it like this? I was stuck in a rip. i was dragged along passed a beach line and round a point in an island I recognized the point! We had fell only 200 metres of the coast of Matainui Island. I kept moving around until there was another beach line so i pulled my self out of the rip which had died down a lot. I swam into shore were i found my friends Asser, Ben and Jordan O. No one else was in site. We were lost...

All of a sudden there was a rustle in the bushes and something was moving between the trees and greenery. It was then I collapsed......

Thursday, October 15, 2009

What I am going to be wearing

On the day we are leaving this is what i will be wearing the following items:

1st Layer: Thermal Underpants
2nd Layer: Outdoor Skins Long Pant and Top
3rd Layer: Bush Camo Cotton Short Top
4th Layer: Bush Camo Swandri
4th Layer: Long Thermal Bush Camo Tracksuit Pants


Bush Camo Floppy Hat
Bush Camo Beanie
Reef Tide Sunglasses
Bush Camo Bandanna

Hands: Bush Camo Fingerless Gloves

Cool Right hopefully it will keep me warm!!! =)

Status Report

So far our journey has been hopeless our plane has crashed Element Master has been lost and neither Mouse Wheel of Element Master have there backpacks! What more can possibly go wrong hopefully not to much in the next couple of weeks

My Groups 10 Items

Mr Woodcock has stated that we are only allowed to take 10 items each. I will state my groups items here.

My Group: Element Master and Mouse Wheel

Mouse Wheels Items:

2 Man Tent
2 Litre Water bottle
Gas BBQ and LPG Bottle
Hunting/ Survival Knife
Ball Of Nylon String
Butane Lighter
Fry Pan
Box Of 1000 Nails

Element Master Items:

2 Litre Water bottle
Slingshot With Replacement Slings
Ball Bearings
Roll of rubbish bags
Fishing Rod
Tackle Box
Survival Kit
2 x Camp Stretcher

We have not stated sleeping bags because there is a type of bag that has a built in sleeping bag that we are able to get our hands on!