Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Groups 10 Items

Mr Woodcock has stated that we are only allowed to take 10 items each. I will state my groups items here.

My Group: Element Master and Mouse Wheel

Mouse Wheels Items:

2 Man Tent
2 Litre Water bottle
Gas BBQ and LPG Bottle
Hunting/ Survival Knife
Ball Of Nylon String
Butane Lighter
Fry Pan
Box Of 1000 Nails

Element Master Items:

2 Litre Water bottle
Slingshot With Replacement Slings
Ball Bearings
Roll of rubbish bags
Fishing Rod
Tackle Box
Survival Kit
2 x Camp Stretcher

We have not stated sleeping bags because there is a type of bag that has a built in sleeping bag that we are able to get our hands on!

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