Thursday, October 15, 2009

What I am going to be wearing

On the day we are leaving this is what i will be wearing the following items:

1st Layer: Thermal Underpants
2nd Layer: Outdoor Skins Long Pant and Top
3rd Layer: Bush Camo Cotton Short Top
4th Layer: Bush Camo Swandri
4th Layer: Long Thermal Bush Camo Tracksuit Pants


Bush Camo Floppy Hat
Bush Camo Beanie
Reef Tide Sunglasses
Bush Camo Bandanna

Hands: Bush Camo Fingerless Gloves

Cool Right hopefully it will keep me warm!!! =)

Status Report

So far our journey has been hopeless our plane has crashed Element Master has been lost and neither Mouse Wheel of Element Master have there backpacks! What more can possibly go wrong hopefully not to much in the next couple of weeks

My Groups 10 Items

Mr Woodcock has stated that we are only allowed to take 10 items each. I will state my groups items here.

My Group: Element Master and Mouse Wheel

Mouse Wheels Items:

2 Man Tent
2 Litre Water bottle
Gas BBQ and LPG Bottle
Hunting/ Survival Knife
Ball Of Nylon String
Butane Lighter
Fry Pan
Box Of 1000 Nails

Element Master Items:

2 Litre Water bottle
Slingshot With Replacement Slings
Ball Bearings
Roll of rubbish bags
Fishing Rod
Tackle Box
Survival Kit
2 x Camp Stretcher

We have not stated sleeping bags because there is a type of bag that has a built in sleeping bag that we are able to get our hands on!