Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day Two

I awoke with a chill down my spine trying to forget the horror of yesterdays events. Wait was it yesterday or last week. My mind was fuzzy with a million thoughts but one that was always there was FOOD!

There was that rustling again but this time it was at the edge of the treeline. It was a Moa. I thought the were extinct. but sure enough there it was. All of a sudden it bellowed and pooped everywhere. Jordan and Ben awoke and Asser took one look and dropped back to sleep. I knew straight away what was on Ben and Jordan's minds. It was that of Meat. I quickly grabbed my hunting knife from my pack. We decided to sneak up on it from the rear. We got within 3 metres of it and it span around and rushed at me. I noticed i had stood on a branch which had jumped up and hit it in the nuts. I threw my knife and dived for cover as it came towards me. The knife became lodged in it lower left thigh. Jordan grabbed it out and was trampled on the arm.

I quickly grabbed the knife and threw it again it span side on. This time my throw was more successful hitting it in the neck and taking its head straight off. We screamed in triumph as we picked it up between the 3 of us and carried it back to Asser who had awoke because of the noise.
Soon enough we had a nice blaze going and I began to skin it. The tough skin and the constant yells of the others made it a hard job. But it was worth it as I carried the meat back to the fire.
I was blood soaked so I went to the shoreline for a quick swim. Most of the blood came off my clothes which was pleasing.

Then we started to tuck in. The nice red meat was juicy and the fat dripped of it. Lets just say it was irresistible! It was pleasing to know that there was a source of food on the island and it was possible to get. We then had a hard choice. Who was going to stay back to set up some kind shelter and who would go to find water. I was voted to go and find water...

I trekked of into the light scrub. On the way I heard many a bird call so there was maybe a chance of catching them with my snare. Soon I had to come to a halt because there was a huge log in my way so I started to climb. I was at the top in no time. That trip to Southern Indonesia for free climbing was well worth it!!! I kept on walking and soon enough I heard the faint trickling of water. I started to run and there it was a beautiful waterfall with a welcoming lagoon at the bottom. My urge for water made me sprint as fast as i could not knowing what was ahead of me i put on a burst and tripped and fell.... Down down down down and I hit the ledge with a thud. The world span around me and went black....... I was out cold...

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