Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day 4

I awoke feeling superb. That fall gave me a jolt of energy and me and Malhala went to find meat. We saw a pig on the edge of the clearing and I opened my mouth and shot its back legs out. Malhala went and tore it to shreds. We cooked it by putting it by Malhala's butt and when he farted flames came out so it got cooked. After a good feed we decided to continue to the mountain. This time i choose to ride on Malhala and we raced through the greenery, over rivers and off cliffs.

When we got to the bottom there was a small thing it looked like Ratchet from Ratchet and Clank. It told us we could not go any further I tapped Malhala and he went over licked it to give himself the innocent look then he ripped his head clean off and broke the useless metal down to the shape of a death head. Good boy i said as i patted him. We ventured on up the mountain. I wasnt tired by the time we reached the top which took us about 2 minutes to get to!

Malhala ran off so I followed him. He had found something... something amazing. He had found an underground tunnel. So I ran down it with Malhala following suddenly we dropped from the level of the tunnel down into a pit of brown stuff. Chocolate. I ate and ate until I felt liek i would explode. Then I heard the sound of a plasma weapon. Jordan was here! I smashed through the wall only to find Jordan standing there shooting at a big red bag which closely resembled Shane Camerons punching bag. 'Hello' he said in a sinister manner. I said hello back in my most evil voice. I asked him what he was doing and he replied, ' Getting ready for a war'. He then said are you coming. So I followed him. He took my to a portal that beamed a bright shade of red. He then told me that this was out of bounds until Day 9.

Then out of the blue Mac appeared 'Ello' he said. I laughed he was like 4 feet tall and dressed in green. He looked like a ragamuffin but there was no doubt that he was a leprechaun! So this is the 3rd and strongest god of war he said to Jordan. Yes he replied in his sinister manner. He then told us to get some sleep becuase tomorrow was the start of training and a hard one too...

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